Talks on "Probability theory as an extension of logic"

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A short update from me.

Recently I gave 2 talks based on Jaynes’ book: “Probability Theory: The Logic of Science”. First talk was one hour long and you can find my slides here. Second talk was 30 minutes long, and the slides are here. I also wrote quite a lot about Jaynes’ book in my blog post “If correlation does not imply causation, what does?” previously.

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            Probability theory as an extension of logic

In many problems we don’t have enough information at hand to permit deductive reasoning. In this talk, I will introduce the idea of plausibility reasoning which focuses on processing incomplete information optimally. I will discuss how any system of plausibility reasoning that satisfies certain commonsense requirements is isomorphic to probability theory. I will examine the requirements carefully and then relate such interpretation of probability to other well-established approaches. Finally, I will look at a wide variety of applications, which include: Thermodynamics (why heat travels from hot to cold objects?), Statistics and also… everyday situations!