Benefits of having a blog

If you were thinking about writing for some time, but couldn’t quite get yourself to do it, here’s my take on it.

Having a blog turned out to have consequences I didn’t not foresee.

Shortly after I started blogging a couple of (long-lost) people got in touch with me - so it expanded my social circle.

Another interesting consequence is that people who occasionally lurk through some content here sometimes bring it up when we meet and that’s a path towards more interesting conversations.

I was originally worried about my content being unoriginal and low-quality, but it turns out however unoriginal my content is I can always put a spin on it by self-referencing, self-deprecating humour, like I am doing it right now.

Another way to shine a new light on content is by making it relatable and relevant via use of personal examples.

However, keep “Nobody wants to read your shit” advise in mind. Remember though, it’s just a guide on how to write rather than a call for not writing at all.